Summer is officially over and fall is in full swing, but aren’t you already looking forward to another break? The endless opportunities, 24-hour nightlife, and something around every obscure corner can be exciting — and exhausting.

Especially with the weather changes and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) settling in, it’s important to take some time for yourself. Seriously, you’re not alone — World Mental Health Day falls on October 10th every year for a reason. Whether it’s curling up with a good read and a hot apple cider or diving into the latest issue of 20s to be, we’ve got you covered.  

Much love,
Hediya, Jojo, Julia, and Tina
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I was at a crossroads — I’d just quit my job, broken up with my boyfriend and watched one of my best friends suddenly move away. Going on a roadtrip with my friend seemed like a good way to handle it. We’re frugal people, so we slept in tents, cooked food from Walmart on a portable stove, and drank apple cider vinegar for our immune system. But I spent most of the trip sick — I’d push myself to keep going to the next destination, and my health finally took a turn for the better when I let myself slow down. As the sun set over the Grand Canyon, I cried and realized despite the challenges of the trip and the transitions, I would survive this and come out stronger.”
Meenakshi, on dealing with transitions and anxiety while on the road.

“‘Ew, what’s in this drink? Are those turds?‘ That’s what a coworker said when one of our clients sent us bubble tea samples. Another client for a dim sum restaurant sent us an item on their menu: chicken feet. A colleague left it on someone’s desk as a prank, and when she saw it, she threw a tantrum — tossed it on the floor and everything. That was really hurtful since I associate dim sum and chicken feet to my family and culture.  Sure, my coworkers and I share details from our lives, joke about bad dates. But as one of three people of color in the office, these microaggressions make me lose respect for my coworkers.”
Emma*, on being part-Taiwanese in an all-white office.

“Teaching yoga was an accident in the making. My friend recommended I start working at a fitness studio and I dove right into training to become a yoga teacher. It was the most intensive two months I’ve ever had, but in the course of training, I was able to reflect on my life and relationships, and I reconnected with myself — both physically and emotionally. My yoga teacher told me that trainings come at the right time in peoples’ life, and being surrounded by a community of friendly people living outside the traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle really helped ease my post-graduation anxiety, especially living in the city.”
Ali*, on finding her sanctuary at a Brooklyn yoga studio.


  • In the city that never sleeps, it’s easy to forget to to take time for yourself. Our favorite YouTuber, Anna Akana, shares some advice on how to stay cool, calm and collected.
  • Need to slow down? Hediya started using the meditation app, Stop, Breathe & Think, which helps calm her mind.
  • Trust us, every New Yorker has their gripes about the MTA.  It gets better with the app, Exit Strategy. It figures out the exact subway car you should ride to help you get to where you need to be quicker, while spending as little time underground as possible.


Jojo’s favorite hang-out lately is the new Domino Park overlooking the East River — just steps off the South Williamsburg stop of the NYC Ferry. Either join a game of pick-up beach volleyball or grab your skateboard and hit the ramps. Or, if you’re anything like Jojo, bring a blanket, and lounge on the grass — the park always seems to be ripe with good looking sunbathers, and who knows who you might meet? Plus, if you can rip your gaze away from the waterfront, the solemn remains of the former Domino Sugar Factory looms in the background — a haunting reminder of a different Brooklyn.


For this round, we asked ourselves: What’s the bravest thing you did this summer?

Our favorite, and most relatable response, was from AZ, who said,

Back in May, I had no clue what I wanted, despite having just graduated with my master’s. So, three days later, I packed my bags and went to the Middle East for the summer, hoping to find some answers for myself. I’m still figuring it out, but the trip helped me find what path I see myself on moving forward.

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

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