Every Halloween, our childhood fears roam the streets — whether it’s spiders, ghosts, or the impending nuclear apocalypse.

We might be all grown up now, but our 20s can go from dream to nightmare in a New York minute. After all, the city is a breeding ground for a whole new set of fears: getting ghosted by a hot date, discovering bed bugs in your apartment, encountering “train traffic” (whatever that might mean)… the list goes on.

Whatever your fears are — on All Hallow’s Eve or any other day — you don’t have to face them alone. We can’t wave a wand and make your nightmares go away, but we can overcome any misfortune together.

Much love,
Hediya, Jojo, Julia, and Tina
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A month after I accepted a full-time offer from my internship, my manager and mentor told me she was leaving the company. My heart sank, I felt like I was lied to. I was 21 years old, straight out of college with a liberal arts degree, and suddenly I was the lead on calls to our counterparts in Europe. My director told me to go home when I was there late, but if I didn’t do the work, who else would? It was a total fake-it or make-it situation. I had to really be on my toes. But I learned a lot during that time span, like how to interact with your superiors, how to problem solve in an assertive way, how to set deadlines and push back when they’re not realistic. How to say no.”
Eric*, on navigating his first full-time job with no guide and no map.

I noticed I had some bites on my arm, but I didn’t think much of it. It all felt real when my roommate and I captured a bed bug in a glass. I cried as I went through a checklist of ways I had to clean. The exterminator came at 5:30 a.m. Monday morning. Even though the bed bugs were gone, I can never go back to normal. I didn’t want to be home anymore — I didn’t feel safe there. Even when I moved, I didn’t have much around the house and made sure furniture never touched the walls. It’s hard to find somewhere you truly call home in NYC and having bed bugs made it impossible to ever get comfortable.”
Kavish, on his war against bed bugs.

“The night before my 24th birthday, I broke down. When I was 21, adulthood seemed bright, and new, and shiny. I didn’t know then that my job would be completely wrong for me, that my relationship would drain my energy and slowly fall apart, that I would neglect my mental health and fall into seasonal depression. In adulthood, people expect you to have it all together, even when you’re always one wrong step away from train wreck. But at 24, I felt a new kind of confidence I didn’t realize I was missing all those years ago, at 21.”
Cleo*, on saying goodbye to her naiveté.


  • Forget turning lemons into lemonade — The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** by Mark Manson, the ultimate anti-self-help self-help book, teaches you how to live with the lemons.
  • The best way to clear your head after a bed bug encounter, or any stressful life event, is to jam out. Kavish shared a playlist of songs that armed him for battle against the critters and dealing with the feels of post-grad life.
  • Satisfy your craving for everything scary by tuning into the NoSleep Podcast. The narrators retell their favorite stories from Reddit’s /r/nosleep to really put you on the edge of your seat. Dim the lights, curl up in a blanket, and get ready for a long night ahead of you.


If you’re looking for drinks, food, good movies and great feels, Syndicated is the place to be. Located off the Morgan stop of the L train in the heart of Bushwick, the nondescript Art Deco building houses it all. The movie theater specializes in older movies, including seasonal favorites like “A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)” to classics like “2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).” Don’t worry about sneaking in snacks since they have a full food and bar menu inside the theater, with waiter service continuing through the movie. Don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance as they sell out quickly. Those looking for a more social experience can order their food and drinks at the bar, while watching movies being projected against the wall of the restaurant. 


For this round, we asked ourselves: If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be and why?

Our favorite, and most relatable response, was from Sikander, who said,

Joshua Bell, a phenomenal violinist who recorded several movie soundtracks (I love playing film music). He gets to travel the world to perform, he’s super passionate about music education, and he lives in my dream location of Gramercy Park.

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

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