The air is crisp, the leaves are changing color, and there seems to be a pumpkin-spiced something around every corner.

It might not feel like it yet, but there’s plenty to be grateful for — squeezing through subway doors that just mysteriously re-opened, running into an ex on a good hair day, or finding a dollar in your jeans when you thought you were short for coffee. And it’s the early sunsets that help us appreciate the twinkling city lights more than ever.

Let’s kick off the holiday season and cheers to the little things. Raise a glass, forward us to a friend, and let’s enjoy all the magical moments that hold New Yorkers together.

Grateful as ever,
Your 20s to be team 


“The realities of US vs. THEM felt like they were here to stay. I left my position as a liaison to work at the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program. As soon as I got my hands on some police records, I was beginning to think change is actually hard to come by. I realized that there’s still so much for me to learn.”
Afraz, 23, on rolling up his sleeves to tackle the toughest issues.

If no one is going to give me a job, I’m going to make it for myself. I gathered a group of friends in my dorm and asked if they wanted to start a theater company together. We bonded quickly, but surrounded by peers who were a few years older than me, I felt behind. But through Our Time Players and our first original production, “Party Worth Crashing” reassured me that I’m doing okay.”
Colette,19, on the trying journey that led to her Off-Broadway Debut.

I was floating in a large city — I felt lost at first and didn’t know where I belonged. I was the new kid in town — that feeling really hit me when I was walking around and realized some people have been here for more than 20 years. What was I doing here? Soon enough, a local garden opened its arms and I felt like I belonged somewhere.”
Jessica, 23, planted her roots in the hustle and bustle of the Lower East Side.


  • How do you balance festivities with the fam, a full-time job, demanding friendships and adult responsibilities all in one holiday season? And can you even do it without getting burned out? Our favorite YouTuber Anna Akana reassures us that it’s possible.
  • It’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with NYC, from struggling to make rent to riding the MTA. Bruh, it’s rough. But this city has become our home and there’s 101 things to be grateful for this season.
  • We’re tired of being asked, “What are you bringing to the potluck?” We’ve got you covered, though. Here’s the ultimate guide to hosting Friendsgiving in a tiny apartment.


Head to DeKalb Market Hall, inside City Point Brooklyn, for some of the finest food NYC has to offer. With 40 vendors and a Trader Joe’s, you can impress any holiday visitor or find the supplies you need for a Turkey Day dinner — just ask Tina, who got her Friendsgiving chicken from Foragers Rotisserie last year (it was delicious, BTW). While you’re there, make sure to check out the rest of City Point — with a Target, Century21, and Alamo Drafthouse, you can make a day of it.


For this round, we asked ourselves: “How did you get involved in your community?”

Our favorite, and most relatable response, was from Jojo, who said,

Doing sports as a young adult can be expensive and difficult to make time for. I wanted to get back into figure skating, so I started volunteer coaching at my local rink on weekends and was allowed to practice on ice during off-hours.

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

Hit us up for questions, comments, or whatever strikes your fancy at hey@20stobe.com.

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