Since Admera and her manager are always Slacking each other about the latest trends in beauty, she decided to buy a makeup set from Bluemercury, tailored for her personality.

Tina’s office has a running joke about stressing the importance of coasters. When she passed someone selling agate slabs on the street, she didn’t think twice about getting her supervisor one in their favorite color.

Hediya’s manager just got a new puppy, so she bought her a one-month subscription to BarkBox that comes with toys, treats, and chews.

Julia got a former manager a succulent in an insta-worthy pot to brighten up her desk after learning that she had a green thumb. In the card was a note that read: “thank you for helping me grow!”

Jojo’s office is doing a Secret Santa book exchange this year, and, working among a group of powerful and admirable women, she will be gifting “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot, a book that touches on ethics, race and class in the scope of women’s health and medical research.

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