It’s officially winter in NYC. As the weather gets colder and the streets get slushier, we quickly realize that the end of the year is nearing — but it’s not too late to make the most of these last few weeks. Between grad school rejections, failed relationships and career setbacks, we’ve all had a hard year, but came out stronger from it.

However 2018 has shaped up for you, you’re 365 days stronger and wiser than this time last year and you don’t have to wait for the new year to put it into practice. You can ask that cutie out for coffee, hit the gym 4x a week, or start reading that book you got for White Elephant last year, all before the ball drops.

You’ve got this,
Your 20s to be team 


“I was hurtful, inconsiderate, and insensitive in my relationship. I regretted breaking up with her and that hit me hard. I realized I didn’t know how to handle and process my emotions as a result of this system of toxic masculinity I was raised around. Starting a men’s group has given me the perspective of self-love and self-care in such a deep way that I never experienced before, but want to share with others.”
Sultan*, 24, on leaving behind the beta version of himself.

“The summer after graduation, I moved to New York with $5,000 and no job. I stayed in a New Jersey bedroom I found on Airbnb for about a month. When the landlord asked if I could leave, or take another room that didn’t have a bed for half the price, I got an air mattress. I wanted to live within my means, but I was living in New York City!”
Katie, 27, on making the most of a broke situation.

“The city has so much energy and can be extremely draining. I’m proud to have been born and raised here, but it’s still stressful being around so many people all the time. The constant thing that has kept me going is my violin. I found less time to play when I moved away for college and my first job, but moving back to New York City helped me reconnect with music. I even take my violin with me now when I travel for work.”
Sikander, 24, on prioritizing his happiness.


  • Some of us are clueless when it comes to  finances. 401k, IRA, credit score — what do these things even mean? Worry not, we found some helpful tips on how to avoid making major money mistakes in your 20s, for even the most financially illiterate (we’re guilty too).
  • Adulthood is bumpy. Hediya couldn’t stop binge-reading Instagram sensation Mari Andrew’s book, “Am I There Yet?” It perfectly captures the 20-somethings feels through comical doodles. Plus, it makes for a great holiday gift.
  • It’s easy to splurge during the holiday season, especially when it comes to buying presents (for ourselves). Here are some quick hacks to keep your bank account smiling into the new year.


Gifts are always tough, and finding the perfect one to buy for your coworkers is never easy. For every type of manager out there, here’s our 20s to be holiday gift guide. Enjoy!


For this round, we asked ourselves: “What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at a holiday gathering?”

Our favorite, and most relatable response, was from Admera, who said,

Winter is wedding season in India, but since we can’t travel more than 16 hours every year, my Abba (father) insists on sending pictures or videos of the “kids” to an overcrowded Whatsapp group. I’ll never forget when he sent a video of me fainting when I got my nose pierced…

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

Hit us up for questions, comments, or whatever strikes your fancy at hey@20stobe.com.

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