Julia’s New Year’s resolution is to put herself first by starting therapy again to upkeep her mental health, practicing open communication and setting boundaries for her emotional health, and going to the gym consistently to stay physically healthy. She leads a busy life and has spent much of 2018 neglecting her own health to keep up with commitments. This year, Julia believes focusing on her holistic health will give her the foundation to thrive in every other arena of her life.

“What would a white man do?” Last year, Jojo found herself constantly waiting for the right time to ask questions, questioning her capability among her coworkers, and tip-toeing around tough subjects. This year, Jojo will approach every area in which she has self-doubt with the certainty and confidence of a white man.

Tina is tackling 2019 in three fronts: improving her body, her mind, and investing in her future. She’s breaking down these big goals into smaller buckets of tangible tasks — going to the gym four times a week, journaling every day, working on grad school applications, and so on.

Admera loved the rush she got from being spontaneous. However, she realized that making decisions too quickly often leads to disastrous consequences. This year, she will introduce balance into her lifestyle by stepping back from a situation before making a decision.

Hediya is giving herself the permission to let present moments lead the way. She spent the past year focused on planning for the future but found gratitude when she slowed down. She wants to continue focusing on the NOW and let the future unfold as it wishes.

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