Olá, salaam, namaste, 你好… hello 2019!

A new year means the rare chance for a fresh, clean slate. Our 400-year-old metropolis — home to souls from every culture and every circumstance — has truly seen it all, yet every single day, New York is a new adventure for people coming from all over the world.

Embrace the adventure.

Say goodbye to your past (thank u, next!) because the future is in your hands. Let this be a year of slaying your dragons, shooting your shot, and aiming for the sky.

Let’s kick ass,
20s to be team 🤗


“New Year’s resolutions aren’t about juice cleanses or diets. I love the idea of starting all over, but I don’t like ‘New Year, new you.’ Growing up, I struggled with OCD, anxiety, depression and anorexia. I worked hard to pull myself out of it but found myself becoming obsessed with being healthy. Our culture makes great things like group fitness, eating healthy or yoga obsessively unhealthy. This January, I want to help people set resolutions that are sustainable. We don’t need to be ‘new’ – we should already think we are enough.”
Caitie, 24, on what it actually means to get healthy.

“Being celibate was a good way of figuring out who I was. No dating, no masturbating. It wasn’t a sexual thing — it was more about my own personal relationship with God and with myself. It taught me that my worth is found in what I think of myself, not what a man thinks of me.  But part of it had nothing to do with religion, it was just me wanting to protect myself — and that’s when it became an extreme. Now, I’m learning the beauty of the in-between — there doesn’t have to be any sex, but there doesn’t have to not be any sex.”
Maggie*, 28, on 6 years of celibacy and re-defining what sex means to her now.

“I’m entering my final semester before graduation, and I’m excited to celebrate it with the community I’ve built. I had a really bumpy start where I didn’t feel connected to my school or city. It took a bit of maturing and a few people who welcomed me into their lives before I found the right support system that really helped me feel happy and fulfilled. Now, the biggest anxiety I have about post-graduation is starting all over again.”
Jessica, 22, on trusting her journey.


  • Now that the holidays are winding down, here are some of our favorite recipes that take the labor out of a home cooked meal. Start meal prepping with quick, easy recipes that you can whip together in less than 5 minutes.
  • With New Year’s’ resolutions to keep up with, it’s easy to lose sight of basics like a healthy work-life balance. We found the best (and free) self-care checklist to track your priorities, whatever they may be.
  • SoulCycle? Equinox? Dogpound? Work out classes can cost an arm and a leg but if you’re looking to stay fit consistently without breaking the bank, Caitie shares with us her favorite free YouTube yoga video playlist that helps you destress, get those creative juices working, or set you up for a deep slumber – whatever health goal you have in mind.


It can be tough making resolutions. New year, same you, just a little better. For inspiration, 20s to be shares where we’ve been in 2018 and some of our resolutions in 2019.


For this round, we asked ourselves: “What’s the one thing you look forward to in the new year?”

Our favorite, and most relatable response, was from David, who said,

I’m looking forward to new employment, a new apartment, and more shared experiences with the people I love.

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

Hit us up for questions, comments, or whatever strikes your fancy at

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