Julia loves to escape to the witching hour through Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. You don’t have to be a fan of the original to enjoy the remake. It’s a fresh twist on a coming-of-age story, featuring a fierce female lead, contemporary social issues, dark humor, and of course, a dose of good old-fashioned magic.

Hediya dreams to live in the 1950s, and even though that won’t be happening anytime soon, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime is a great escape to NYC in that time period with the classic music, costumes, and set. Plus, it’s super funny if you need a good kick.

Jojo’s making her way through Narcos: Mexico after enjoying all the twists and turns in Narcos, both on Netflix. This season illustrated how interconnected the drug trade between product and countries are, and told the story of a lesser known drug lord, who, by the way, is still alive today! And, if these based-on-real-events don’t make you appreciate being layered up on the couch in an under heated NYC apartment, nothing will.

Admera’s love for mysteries never goes unnoticed. She lives the spy life vicariously through Sandra Oh, lead actress of BBC’s Killing Eve and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy veteran. Eve and Villanelle take the streets of London as the millennial Joker and Batman. You’ll be at the edge of your seat or wherever you like to tune in.

Tina loves Brooklyn Nine-Nine (on Hulu and NBC) for showing a New York that’s a lot sillier (and frankly, nicer) than the real deal. If only everyone in Brooklyn were this wholesome, she’d have a better time commuting to work. Fun fact: you can find the 99’s building by 6th Ave and Bergen Street, where the real life 78th Precinct operates.

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