Jojo brings all her closest friends together for dinner to mimic large family meals she enjoyed with her aunties and uncles growing up. She also sets time aside to FaceTime her mom and texts her stepdad for advice, whether or not she actually needs it.

Julia grew up in NYC and most of her family is just a train ride away, but many of her close childhood friends now live around the world. Frequent FaceTimes, handwritten cards, and care packages for special life occasions are her secrets to staying in touch and sending love from afar.

Tina hasn’t been able to visit her home in Brazil in over two years. In between FaceTimes and WhatsApp video calls, she deals with the longing through media — listening to Brazilian music and singing along, or looking up the latest memes about national news. A warm bowl of feijoada doesn’t hurt either.

Having Persian tea after dinner with her family is Hediya’s fondest memory growing up. She continues this ritual by hosting Persian tea nights with people who make up different parts of her life in NYC, whether they are old roommates, friends, or colleagues. Hediya finds a feeling of connectedness and warmth she enjoyed with her parents growing up.

Admera probably has more than 150 people in her family. When she feels the pangs of homesickness, she turns on some classic Bollywood music and cooks a spicy lamb kofta curry. Every time she cooks that dish, she sends a picture of the finished product to her family Whatsapp group.

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