The Persian New Year (Nowruz) falls on the first day of Spring and it’s a tradition in our culture to do extensive spring cleaning, buy flowers for your home, and visit family members. This year, I plan to buy new plants and move into my new apartment at the end of the March as a symbol to rid past clutter and start the new year fresh.


I’m applying the Marie Kondo method to my life… in a loosely interpreted manner. Spring cleaning and organization will be a part of it, but why stop there? I will be evaluating everything in my life — habits, thoughts, even people — to see what really sparks joy in order to understand what I need more of and what I need to dial down on.


My lease ends in April and I’ll be moving apartments, so spring cleaning will be even more necessary to me this year. The last time I moved, I was in a massive hurry, so I packed everything up without giving much thought to all the clutter I was bringing with me. I’m excited to take some time to really look at everything I own and figure out if it’s adding value to my life.

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