Real talk. Money. We all love spending it, especially in NYC. The flip side of money though? Taxes, compensation discussions, and personal finances…can we pass on that?

Let’s not. Because even though managing your finances isn’t fun or sexy, it’s the foundation on which you can build the fun and sexy.

With the right mindset, habits, and patience, we can #LiveOurBestLives, even in our 20s. We’re all about reaching for the stars and owning our power, so join us in securing the bag and maximizing your dolla dolla bills!

In it together,
20s to be team
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“I stumbled upon a role in consulting [that] was the catalyst for how my relationship with money would change — especially as I stepped into the adult world and became financially independent. You have to understand where you are financially. You have to make it easy for yourself to achieve both your short-term goals while contributing to your long-term goals, and make it all automated.”
Victoria, 25, on how to make the most of your paycheck.

“I purchased an apartment in NYC when I was 23 years old. We spend so much on rent — yet it doesn’t go toward anything in the future for yourself. The money just goes for that month. When you pay a mortgage, it is a healthy debt since you’re paying for an asset and building a good credit. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from purchasing a property is how to be an advocate for myself.”
Alex, 25, on getting real with real estate.


  • It’s tax season! Before you know it, the filing deadline will be here. Don’t procrastinate — we’ve found the ultimate guide on how to file.  🗄️
  • When can I retire? It’s never too early to track your financial progress. You can calculate your expected retirement age here.
  • Feeling tired, stressed, anxious? We hear you. But therapy’s $$$ when you’ve got other bills to pay, so we found a free app with simple mental exercises to help you cope.
  • End your credit card confusion now — NPR’s Life Kit podcast shares the latest hacks to get the most out of your spending.


Spring is just around the corner. Find out how we are rejuvenating our lives with the new season. 


For this round, you’ve asked: “How do you manage up to your boss and still maintain a productive working relationship?”

Our favorite piece of advice was from Ama, who said, 

Establishing trust between yourself and your manager is important to a productive relationship. I try my best to consistently turn in thoughtful work while being transparent (i.e., if I make a mistake, I speak up about it before someone else does).

In my experience, if a manager trusts my work and work ethic, I have more leverage to negotiate my responsibilities and subsequently take on tasks that are more meaningful to me. It also helps to regularly check in with your manager so nothing’s a surprise when it comes to your official reviews. That said, it’s not just about your manager trusting YOU; your manager should also earn your trust.

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

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