Big summer energy. Say it with us, because that’s the kind of summer we’re all aiming for. 

With the million fun things we want to RSVP to (al fresco brunches, rooftop parties), it’s the perfect time to think about what draws out your prime energy.

What is it you do to recharge yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that allows you to be the best version of yourself? More importantly, what in your life is most deserving of your best self and prime energy? 

Your time and attention is limited, so don’t be afraid to be selfish this summer. 😉

Putting ourselves first,
Your 20s to be team 


“For six years, I’ve suffered from living with the confines of an anorexic and alcoholic mind. The spiritual program of recovery has helped me prioritize in loving myself. New York is an over-stimulating city, but I’m learning how to surrender to the thoughts of being a perfectionist or comparison. Being in service of love has grounded me and constantly reminds me to come back to my truest self.”
Lolly*, 22, on learning how to lean closer and closer to her authentic self.

“Last year, I found myself crying over missing out on the cherry blossoms at the Botanic Garden. By the time I found the opportunity to go, they weren’t blooming anymore. It seemed silly, but it wasn’t about the flowers — it was my whole relationship with New York City.”
Tina, 23, on the delights and anxieties of life in the Big Apple.


  • Working hard? Work smart instead. Here are five habits to help you get through your to-do lists faster, so you have more time and energy for rooftop season.
  • Adulting means taking good care of yourself — both mind and body. We know the drill for broken bones and colds, but how do you treat emotional trauma? One of our favorite Ted Talks teaches you how to practice “emotional first aid.”
  • Mental health is nuanced, complex, and so, so impactful to your life. We’ve got a handy graphic to evaluate your mental state through a holistic lens.
  • Feeling tired? To live — and thrive — in this city, you need every ounce of energy you can muster. Make sure you’re not giving your energy away. Here’s why you should be selfish with your time and mental space.


Need a de-stressor for your (axe)istential crisis? Or an (axe)cellent suggestion for your next friend group or work outing? Kick Axe, located in Brooklyn, is our go-to.


For this round, you’ve asked: “How do you maintain work-life balance?”

Our favorite piece of advice was from Grace, who said, 

I’m a freelancer, so I rarely know my full schedule and things pop up last minute all the time, which makes it hard to find a balance. But on the days when I know I have no projects, I make sure to fully dedicate the time to myself, catch up on laundry, and maybe sneak in a nice face mask.

The upside of being a freelancer is that I’m able to figure out which types of clients I enjoy working with. I’m actually working on not being as speedy to accept — to really evaluate if I want to accept a project and negotiate to my fullest, because when you dedicate your time at work to something, you want to make sure it’s something that can help you build for that next step. Knowing that makes it easier to focus and do your best.

I also keep in mind that work is just a part of life, not my whole life. It’s not my full identity and I always remind myself of that when I’m feeling down or stressed. It’s important to do and the mental separation lets me actually enjoy what I’m working for!

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

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