When life gives you lemons…. In New York, in our first decade of adulthood, life rarely goes easy on us. Between career setbacks, surprise breakups, and money issues, sometimes the only certain thing is…failure.

When it all tumbles down, the only way forward is to get back up again and again, stronger and wiser each time. Being able to learn and adapt — to thrive in spite of hardship — is your greatest strength in this tumultuous city and the greatest gift your 20s self can give to the future you.

So raise your glass of lemonade, because we’re sure you’ve already squeezed some out of your past failures, and cheers with us.

Up and at ‘em,
Your 20s to be team


“Fake News Writer is a YouTube series about a recent college grad, Ethan, who moves to LA in the hopes of being a screenwriter — but the only job he can find is writing Pro-Trump conservative propaganda for a fake news website. I wrote this series based on my own experience moving to LA after graduating in screenwriting. One day as I was searching on Indeed, I found a posting for a political news writer where you needed to write with whatever biases the company gave you.”
Eric, 26, on navigating reality as an aspiring screenwriter.

“When I graduated three years ago, I think I just didn’t know what kind of roles I really wanted as my first steps. It was definitely a hard summer… throughout college, I always made sure that I was working very hard to be at the top no matter what I was doing, whether it was in student activities or at an internship. To be hit with endless rejections throughout summer right after graduation was just a huge reality check”
Carolynn, 24, on her post-grad career setbacks and comebacks.


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We all need to get away sometimes, but planning a whole trip out of the city takes some work! Have a quick summer getaway at Governors Island and enjoy the perfect mix of greenery and city views. The ferry is just $3!


For this round, our international students have asked: What’s your process for re-grouping after a setback?” 

Our favorite piece of advice was from Nick, who said, 

After a setback, I carve out some time to process. When our plans go awry we can feel a range of emotions, and I think there is deep learning and potential if we can fully feel our feelings and be inquisitive about why this particular plan that didn’t work out is so important to us. Without this step, the feelings can linger and fester and we may experience the same setback again and again.

I start by regulating my breath with a breathing app that tells me when to breathe in and out. This gives me a state of strategic calm to observe what happened, why it was important, and how I can move forward with greater clarity and purpose.

Setbacks can be frustrating because they are turbulent, but that can be a blessing — it can shake us up and make sure we are being intentional about our lives. Beautiful questions emerge from setbacks: why do I care about this? What value does this trajectory bring to me or others? Was this path intrinsically motivated or am I doing this for someone else?

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

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