Summer is a great time for easy living — sun in your face, wind in your hair, nights that go on forever. But it’s an even better time to stir up some trouble. 😉

You heard us right. There’s no better time to make a splash and be unapologetically you. 

Childhood. High School. College. Our pasts have already been plotted out. But your 20s — your future — can be anything you want it to be. Throw out the manual because no one knows what’s best for you except you. 

Do what you want. Wear what you want. See whoever you want. Know your truth and speak it.

We’ve all been living with rules. Some help keep us in check and others only hold us back. You know which ones are which. 

It’s time to break them. 

Rebelling with you,
Your 20s to be team


“I was so caught up in it being my first serious relationship, and having that person I could always turn to. It was hard to look back after the fact and realize that I was unhappy, and that I wasn’t myself. But this realization is the main reason why I moved on. Now I feel more secure in myself and my identity than ever before.”
Kaitlin, 23, on a sudden breakup that worked out for the best.

“In college, my grandfather, cautioned me to ‘stay away from fancy troubles.’ But, living in London and traveling across Europe, I knew I needed just the right amount of trouble. It was ultimately in my travels that as a graphic designer I was inspired to see my designs come to life and eventually create sunglasses that truly embody the sense of possibility we all desire.”
Gabby, 25, on taking a leap of faith on her dreams.


  • It’s humid. It’s sticky. Despite the sweat, what your skin needs post-sun is rehydration. Here’s a simple and refreshing DIY mask that cools you down and works wonders.
  • Living a hot girl summer? Whether you’re busy with flings or all bae-ed up, it’s first and foremost about loving yourself. “You can’t pour tea from an empty pot.” Listen to Modern Love, an NPR NYT Podcast to get inspired to love your partners, friends, families, pets and most importantly —  you.
  • Summer apartment hunting? There have been major reforms to rent-stabilization laws in NYC earlier this year. Get the scoop on how you can take advantage and save some $$. 
  • ☀️ Free stuff alert ☀️ We’re giving away a gorgeous pair of Fancy Troubles sunglasses this week — check out our Instagram to enter the giveaway!


Live out classic adventures and take advantage of these glorious summer evenings with NYC’s many outdoor movie screenings! From Casablanca to Moana, Anchorman to A Star is Born, and so much more in between, there’s something for everyone. Best of all, most are free — perfect for a casual, spontaneous summer date!


For this round, our international students have asked: “when should we start thinking about post-graduation plans? How likely are we able to stay in the States?”

Vivian, a recent NYU grad tells us,

OPT is a complicated process and it can be anxiety inducing. Remember you have time and different potions. The NYU OPT page has a great calculator that gives you a timeline for when you should consider initiating the process. Also, remember your rights: you are not obligated to answer any question about your income, nationality, or citizenship.

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

Hit us up for questions, comments, or whatever strikes your fancy at hey@20stobe.com.

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