Let’s dish it out.

Despite the popular saying, talk ain’t cheap. The ability to express yourself and fully communicate your feelings, desires, and boundaries, is one of the most important skills you’ll hone in your 20s. 

From telling your partner what you need, to asking for new opportunities at work, to breaking a difficult truth to a friend, communication is never as easy as we think. Often we get stuck in the gaps between what we say vs. what we mean and what someone else says vs. what we hear. 

There will always be gaps, but the effort you put into bridging them is what counts — whether you’ve been doing it for ages or are just starting today. 

We hear you,
20s to be team


“This is the healthiest, most vocal relationship I’ve had, and it definitely started out the hardest simply because we were so worried about doing everything right. Honestly at first, it did not feel natural to constantly be so open and vulnerable. But I think that’s what geared us up to have a very “unnatural” talk about finances.”
Ellie*, 24, on kicking off a healthy financial journey with your partner.

“When I first moved to Venice a year ago for a short-term job opportunity, my partner, Denise*, and I had been dating for almost four years and had just moved in together. Scheduling quality time for each other and learning to be open with our pet peeves helped us when we went long-distance.  We needed to come to a certain medium since we were both living in a shared space. Even if it’s small and random like “stop taking my pillows” or “don’t leave the toothbrush there!”
Eric*, 24,  on going the distance and learning how to live with his partner thousands of miles away.


  • What do you do when the rent is just too damn high?  Try your luck with NY’s list of affordable housing lotteries in NYC. 
  • Before you hit send on that work email, check out these small changes you can make to your language to sound even more confident! ✍️
  • End of summer often means a change in setting for many NYCers. For those of you moving in with significant others, here are some tips and tricks to be both #CoupleGoals and #RoommateGoals.
  • Practice makes perfect: even space landings require dress rehearsals! Check out Gimlet media’s new podcast: The Habitat, on the fascinating true story of six volunteers picked to live on a fake planet — imitation Mars — to help model the next NASA mission. ☄️


New York changes fast, so don’t miss out on its treasured traditions just because you’re a local. The 93rd Feast of San Gennaro is happening this week, which means Mulberry Street is jam-packed with meatballs, cannoli, and cheesy tourist traps. Grab a bite and enjoy the madness!


For this round, you asked: What’s the best money you’ve spent this summer? 

Ali tells us,

Investing in my education and completing an online certification course from Cornell.

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