They say there’s something for everyone in NYC. But despite the seemingly endless array of possibilities, there are still empty spaces that not everyone else may spot.

In a city that has almost everything, what do you do when you notice one?

You fill it. You bring into this world whatever you feel is missing. You can create the change that you yearn for.

Why me? You may ask. Why not you? You’re just as capable and resilient as anyone else. Maybe more. (After all, you’re a New Yorker). 

A year ago, we asked ourselves the same questions. A year later, we’re proud to share our anniversary issue with you.

Whether you’ve just subscribed or have been following us since our debut, thank you for being a part of our community. 

Whatever struggles you’re facing or dreams you’re dreaming, we’ll continue to be here to listen, guide, and cheer you on, every single step of the way. ❤️

All our love, 
Your 20s to be team

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“Even before I was 15, I remember men whispering at me and my friends in cars. I didn’t feel like there was a good way to respond to it. I felt silenced by these comments — I’d just keep walking. As a freshman in college, I was given an assignment to immerse myself in something and then document it in on social media. The project, Catcalls of NYC, gave me the opportunity to respond to catcalling in a different way.”
Sophie, 22, on learning how to be unapologetic and tackling sexual harassment on NYC streets.

“I moved to New York from London in September 2016, where I witnessed how everything in America was changing politically. At the time I came to the city, I was continuing my acting career and going from one audition to another. It was such a tough process. I finally decided that if it wasn’t going to happen, I was going to make it happen. A combination of being someone new in the city pursuing theater and the political climate ignited a fire in me to write about it.”
Sammi, 29, on using comedy to navigate moving to NYC and showcasing the battle over women’s bodies.


  • Wanna make a difference with your workout? Next week is UNGA and NYC’s inaugural “Walk the Talk,” a celebration of universal health care and well-being. Join the walk/run to raise awareness! 🏃
  • NYC meals are $$$$… even when you’re cooking for yourself. Here are our go-to tips for stretching your grocery budget.
  • Our least favorite kind of politics? Office politics — especially tricky when you’re one of the youngest around the water cooler. Here are some real-world situations and solutions.
  • ☀️Giveaway Alert ☀️ Ray is a fast-growing mobile app that makes it simple to send digital collective cards. It’s hands-down the easiest way to celebrate someone. We’ve got exclusive Ray swag that’ll brighten your heart. Check out our Insta to enter the giveaway!


New York changes fast, so don’t miss out on its treasured traditions just because you’re a local. The 93rd Feast of San Gennaro is happening this week, which means Mulberry Street is jam-packed with meatballs, cannoli, and cheesy tourist traps. Grab a bite and enjoy the madness!


For this round, you asked: How do you respond to change?

Our favorite piece of advice was from Álvaro, who said,

When facing a dramatic change in your life, try to really look at the positive outcomes. They might not be so obvious at first, but try hard enough and you’ll find something there.
New situations, as scary as they are, can often lead to a lot of personal growth and learning opportunities, merely by being handled with a “can do” attitude — even if you have to fake it til you make it.
Not everything will change all at once, so you can be grounded and find comfort even in the smallest of things that have remained the same. And in case you’re really freaking out, just take a breath and live one day at a time. Soon the changes will become everyday life.

Got a burning question to ask? Need some advice? Ask, and we will answer!

Hit us up for questions, comments, or whatever strikes your fancy at hey@20stobe.com.

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