Caring for your body is more important than ever. Here’s how to honor your body’s needs while cooped up.

  • Join Kimberlé Crenshaw, a civil rights advocate and a leading scholar of critical race theory, to learn why intersectionality matters.
  • If you want to avoid traveling this summer, unplug from work with a restful, at-home vacation. ☀️
  • Educate yourself on the African American experience in the U.S. by engaging in Yale’s free class
  • It’s easy to feel overextended. NPR’s Life Kit teaches us how to prioritize our needs while being present for others. 🤗
  • How do we take care of our mental well-being? Coa offers a free, supportive community with online therapist-led groups for anxiety, stress, and connection. 
  • Time is of the essence. Thrive Global helps us work mindfully at home with distractions.
  • How do we meaningfully gather in times of distancing? Together Apart by the NY Times helps us stay resilient and connected.
  • Music soothes the mind — so get creative and make your own with Chrome Music Lab. 🎹
  • In the face of crisis, it’s easy to get lost in the uncertainty. Practice gratitude with these 6 simple exercises🙏
  • Journal away with reflective prompts by our favorite Insta therapist — writing might help you stay present. 📝  
  • Watch something uplifting — we loved this cute NYC story of finding love during the Coronavirus outbreak.  
  • Learn the meaning of true human connection on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast episode with Brené Brown. 
  • We used to want to laze around at home all day… until we had to. Here are our favorite dos and don’ts for the indoor lifestyle.
  • Social media can pull you down a rabbit hole of anxiety, but this page always reassures us of the best in people. Check out this impromptu Mallorca dance party: quarantine edition. 💃🏼🎸
  • We love movie nights — laughing with friends and letting our minds detox — but we don’t have to miss them. Host a virtual Netflix watch party with your friends (we’re currently binging Love is Blind 📺)
  • Worried about money? Stay proactive and protect your financial wellbeing with this handy guide. 💸



Caring for your body is more important than ever. Here’s how to honor your body’s needs while cooped up.

  • Need a weekend getaway from the city? Hop on a bike for some beautiful riding 🚴‍♂️
  • Change your scenery and take an adventure to new NYC drive-ins where you can enjoy the summer weather with a classic flick.
  • Summer is the best time to load up on fresh fruits and veggies 🍉🥑🌶 Level up during your next grocery store run by learning how to pick the tastiest ones!
  • Local issues are more important than ever. Learn about your candidates and exercise your right to vote. In person or via absentee ballot, every voice counts. 🗳
  • Tune in to the Food Heaven Podcast for an inclusive, expert take on intuitive eating and body respect.
  • Stay updated to join local protests happening everyday in the city by following this IG account.
  • If you have been sitting all day, stretch it out before going to bed for some good zzz’s. 😴
  • Love on lockdown? NY Times shares helpful ideas to stay connected with bae. 💌
  • You deserve a spa day. Pamper your skin with whipped up ingredients in your kitchen. 🌝
  • For some of us, we’re hunched all day on the computer. We’ve got ways to keep your head up.
  • Trouble sleeping? Relax your body before bed with a calming guided meditation by our favorite app, Headspace💤
  • Break a sweat and get in cardio with some awesome HITT classes on the Peloton App. Sign up by April 30 for a free 90-day trial! 
  • Manage your screen time by using a focus-timer app that eases your eyes and also lets you contribute to the environment.  🌳
  • Give your body a stretch with NYC Yoga to the People’s new live-steam classes. Fam, it’s donation-based 🙂
  • Restless while working from home? CorePower Yoga can help you find some zen through their on-demand platform. 🤸
  • Or take that restlessness and shake it out with some virtual 305 Fitness classes. They’re also offering a series of wellness workshops on building a nutritious relationship with your body.
  • In a city that never sleeps… there’s no time like the present to finally get some quality zzz’s to build up your immunity.
  • It’s easy to feel unprepared when it comes to grocery shopping and meal prepping right now, but worry not. Here are 25 easy and cheap recipes you can whip up from pantry staples! 🍳
  • Love (is still possible) in the time of coronavirus. Check out WSJ’s podcast episode on how people are using tech to connect to bae.



Share your love for humanity. We’ve got ways to interconnect with other beings in our local community.

  • Yes, election day is in November. But don’t wait until the last minuterequest a mail-in-ballot now to ensure you’re registered in time.
  • Pledge a donation to Black Girls Breathing — a space for Black womxn to manage their mental health through meditation breathwork. 🧘🏿‍♀️
  • Contribute to the Loveland Foundation and help connect Black women and girls to high-quality mental health services.
  • Donate across 70+ bail out funds and racial justice organizers through ActBlue.
  • Participate in Time Out’s pledge to support local food, culture, and entertainment in the city. 
  • Need a good read? You can browse titles and support local indie bookshops. 📚
  • Virtually check in on an elderly neighbor with Good Old Lower East Side. Just sign up here!
  • There’s this cool t-shirt. Buy it and 100% of the profits go to local restaurant partners. 🙌
  • Help sew face masks for frontline workers in the NYC area hospitals, clinics, food banks. If you can’t sew, there are plenty of other ways to volunteer! 😷
  • Show love for your Brooklyn neighbors (whether or not you live in the borough) by supporting an urgently-needed mutual aid fund for Crown Heights and Flatbush residents.
  • Keep families in their homes by contributing to an emergency rental assistance fund. All funds will be deployed directly to help renters impacted by COVID-19.
  • Support your local NYC bodegas by downloading this handy app and on-demand order groceries from your apartment. 📦
  • Not all heroes wear capes — right now, many are saving lives in lab coats and scrubs. Write a note of gratitude for healthcare champions in this national collective card. 🌟
  • Help your local businesses (from Boba Guys to House of Yes) survive by investing in their futurebuy a gift card to enjoy once this is all over!
  • Keep the music (venues) alive. Tune into virtual live DJ sets with Nowadays, every night, from 8PM to midnight. 🎶